Our first glimpse of Cayembe
Status Update There is one spot outside the refuge that gets one bar, a temperamental bar […]
Pretty relaxed start to the day. Leisurely brekkie and a few Americanos to get the juices […]
View of mist over Guagua Pichincha
Gorgeous day!! We got dropped off by Nelson, our driver, and then 4×4 up towards Guagua. […]
View of the hills in Ecuador
We were pretty stoked about an easy traverse walk today – which turned into a 10km, […]
Ruco Pichincha
Also known as WTF!!! Mellow start to the day- we went back to our fav coffee […]
A view of the Rio Pita Canal Route
Early start to get out to Cotopaxi national park where we were to do our first […]
Farid playing chess at the hotel
We met the guiding company this morning and got some more details on the upcoming days. […]
Interior of the hotel room, filled with hiking equipment
Started the day with a breakfast bang bang – what is that you ask? Well brekkie […]
The group at the airport
We have arrived in Quito – all the bags came with, though we had a small […]
We woke up to another glorious day in Tuk. We went walkabout and looked at a […]
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