We woke up to another glorious day in Tuk. We went walkabout and looked at a number of Pingos (crazy looking alien like huge mounds through to small hills – formed by the pressure of freezing groundwater pushing up a layer of frozen ground). In the water surrounding the pingos we saw a wedge of swans. Then we sought high ground to look over the harbour and were rewarded with Beluga whale sightings. Honestly, what a way to finish up. 

We then began the return (#$%^&*) drive home in our string and duct tape enabled ‘vehicle’ back to Inuvik. Much packing and re-org to get ready. Ginger (Dave), Newheart (Dale) and Freddie (Farid) started the long drive back to Edmonton today – and lo and behold they got the drone back, TBH I am filled with shock and awe! It took them only 7 hours to reverse a journey that took us 5d to cycle (sigh), but I think getting the drone down from its high perch is the coup de grace. Mountain Rafa (Suneet) started her flight circus home, and will be home in time to watch Rafa and hug Lenny (and of course you too John). 

It has truly been strange times these past few years. It is so tremendous to be back amongst my testyourlimits family. Dave – 25 years post living related kidney transplant, Dale – 23 years post heart transplant – I never cease to be inspired by your courage and limitless desire to live life to its fullest. I have missed these adventures and relished doing the Dempster with this truly remarkable team, a trip that exceeded every expectation both in terms of challenge as well as the unexpected, a hallmark of TYL adventures.  

As always there are many thanks that need to go out…..IWD humbled by your continued support of TYL – 9 trips in and going strong. I have a team to thank at PMCC who made it possible to be away (PB, AB, YM and the on call group). Special shout out to TRCHR staff Anne Simard, Augusta Lipscombe, Samantha Engbers and William O’Cuinn for making the blog happen – despite tech issues, dictating the blog, late hours etc you guys were amazing. SS thanks for planting the Dempster bug in my ear and the planning that you did with Farid re mapping our course. I truly enjoyed the amazing fabric/fibre from – Vijay Gordon at EZOTEC – worn by all, I think it enhanced recovery! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog – it is such an honour to write about this team. 

TYL will return….. 

From Yoda (a.k.a. Heather) 



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