Meet the Team

Heather Ross sitting in the snow with a red tent in the background.


Dr. Heather Ross is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, and Director of the Cardiac Transplant Program at TGH and is the Head of the MSH/UHN Heart Failure Program. She is also the Ted Rogers and Family Chair in Heart Function. Dr. Ross is inspired everyday by her patients and has taken on the mission to raise awareness and support for advanced heart failure and transplant research through her Test Your Limits initiatives.

Farid Foroutan

Dr. Farid Foroutan has worked with Dr. Ross at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre on a number of projects, and credits her for being a true mentor while completing his PhD at McMaster University. Test Your Limits gives physicians the opportunity to pursue research by funding projects and fellowships in cardiology, and as a beneficiary of the program himself, Farid has seen firsthand the impact donors support through Test Your Limits has had on the research process and on patients. With this generous support, he has been able to research two different areas in the heart transplant process and explored how data can impact care for cardiovascular patients who also have diabetes, projects only possible thanks to Test Your Limits. Farid is excited to test his own physical limits during this 90KM a day cycling challenge (on rough gravel!) and see the artic permafrost on Canada’s northernmost road – for the first time.

Farid Foroutan and Dr. Ross standing on the side of the road wearing bicycle helmets.
Dale Shippam sitting in the snow wearing a red jacket with a fur hood.


Dale Shippam is a firefighter and resident of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Dale knows first hand how important it is to test your limits and live your best life after receiving a heart transplant in February 1999. Dale has conquered every expedition the Test Your Limit Team has taken on. Dale has hope of finishing a major trek on every continent.


Suneet Singh is a Nephrologist in Vancouver and a long-time friend and admirer of Dr. Ross. Suneet keeps changing her sports and adventures to deal with age and injury, but is always happy to take on another challenge and support others to reach their goals. Suneet went with Test your Limits expedition to Bhutan in 2014 to support Heart Failure, and is an active clinician-educator at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital. She prides herself on finding little things to do daily that make a big difference in the lives of others. Her favorite companion is her dog Lenny (no offense to all the other profoundly important people in her life) who is as stubborn as she is and loves life and food as much as she does. Suneet is looking forward to being the cook on the trip in exchange for help with bike maintenance from the team.

Suneet standing outside beside a friend.

Perry Ross

Perry Ross was a fire marshal at the Toronto General Hospital and now lives on a farm in Nova Scotia. Between working in the hospital and watching his grandfather go through a quadruple bypass in 2006, Perry has seen firsthand the importance of keeping your heart healthy. He hopes that the Test Your Limits trips inspire others old and young to get out and exercise to achieve their goals and dreams. As Perry says, “It’s so easy to sign your card to be a potential organ donor, you could save someone’s life…so why wouldn’t you do it!”