From near death experiences to life changing exploration, the Test Your Limits team is always pushing boundaries. In August 2022, the team is back and ready for a new, homegrown challenge – the Dempster Highway. Starting in Whitehorse, Yukon and stretching over 800KM of mountainous terrain, the Dempster Highway is the only public highway to cross the Arctic Circle. Although most people embark on this journey by car, the Test Your Limits team is not most people. The team will be cycling for two weeks through unpaved roads, permafrost and polar bears to reach Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. For the first time ever, this True North trek will be self-guided and will demand an entirely different level of physical and mental strength. With an abundance of wildlife, very few service stations and almost no satellite coverage, the team will be relying on each other more than ever to reach new heights.

This test of courage, teamwork and perseverance is all in support of raising awareness and funds for heart disease and heart failure research.

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