The team hikinh Iliniza Norte

We drove in to the Chimborazo lodge late Dec 8th post Iliniza summit; plan is for a well earned rest day. On the way in yesterday afternoon we saw Chimborazo – it is a beast, a monstrosity coming out of a dry high desert altiplano. The clouds loved it and were caressing it to the point of invisibility. The wind was pushing the clouds along the long ridges of the mountain at breathtaking speed. Wow we have our work cut out for us.

Suneet is safe and sound in Vancouver and in the great hands of Lenny and John (in that order).

The Chimborazo lodge was created by Marco Cruz = he is said to have summited Chimborazo > 1000 times. It is filled with climbing memorabilia – like a museum. We have a small lodge to ourselves and have definitely made ourselves at home. Marco didn’t believe in Cell or WIFI so we wandered down the road to Casa Condor in order to send the blog today. I have included a couple more photos from yesterday which tell the tale of yesterday’s climb (thanks Farid)!

The team hiking Iliniza Norte
The team hiking Iliniza Norte
The team hiking Iliniza Norte
The team hiking Iliniza Norte
The team hiking Iliniza Norte

Awesome breakfast this morning – and then some relaxing card playing – a new game – Shelem (it’s an Iranian game of trump) – Dale and I cleaned up on Perry and Farid. 

Plan this afternoon is more R and R, tomorrow we will do a longer walk just stretching out the legs in prep for the big day…… we watch the mountain from our lodge you can feel the anxiety/butterflies become palpable. 😱😱😱😱😱



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  1. The photos in this entry are stunning! The sky is so blue and the clouds…common. There is nothing better than that! Good luck on the summit push. I look forward to more fantastic photos and lots of celebrating.


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