Farid playing chess at the hotel

We met the guiding company this morning and got some more details on the upcoming days. Glorious weather felt like 20-22, some clouds – perfect day for a tour!

Fabian was our tour guide – we started at the Virgin Apocalypse with beautiful views of the old town. Initially the Inca populated this elongated piece of land caught between volcanoes on the west and a chasm on the east. When the Spanish invaded, the Inca razed the city. The Spanish built on top of the ruins – so old town, as is, stems from the 1600’s. More than 40 churches in the old town. 

The virgin apocalypse statue in Quito
Handprint on a wall in Quito
A woman’s movement that is against violence to women. Saw them throughout old Quito.

We came down from the viewpoint and did a long wander through the cobblestone streets, into some of the cathedrals, hearing about Ecuador – famous for panama hats (we saw one that cost 23k……I kid you not), chocolate (yay) and coffee (YAY). 

Guaba – never heard of it – see attached videos. Fabian asked Farid to open it and despite all his strength he was unable – he handed it back to Fabian who opened it in a heartbeat. The fruit inside was amazing – with one large seed in middle. 

An opened Guaba fruit

Back to Hotel Q and some downtime – we start acclimatization hikes tomorrow

Quote of the day: Fabian ‘boil it, peel it, cook it – or forget it’

A man relaxing in a hammock



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