Engineer Creek Campsite


249m up and 528 down!!!!!

Big bacon fry up but still no bear…..and guess what Peg – Dale was LAST to get up today.

Overcast to start = glorious at campsite – Farid (call sign Freddie) didn’t realize that you needed to have a venting window so all of his stuff is soaking  wet – thankfully we got to camp early enough to dry out.

Got a bump on the ride – they were doing major road repairs adding 3 inches of surface – weren’t allowed to ride through so got the bikes on the back and took a lift with the highway repairman – nice 5k bump!

Great ride, but Farid couldn’t count – have I mentioned he has a PhD in biostatistics? I think perhaps simple algebra was just that….simple. In any case – he put us ahead and behind where we were – a recurring theme!!

Lost the most important plate, the microwave plate which serves as everything. Kind of a locked box puzzle scenario. Suneet and I knew we had put it where we always put it – called on Dale – 100$ if you can find it, it had moved up and over the lip of the shelf and then fallen behind the drawer (which can’t be removed) so some arm twisting action from the other cupboard allowed me to get my fingers on it.

And then the big one – the tap ran dry… could that happen????? OMG, of course we were accused of having showers (however the shower stall is our main storage area….) ……Thank GOD for the team. We started doing the whole MacGyver the water thing …so now we have to change food plans etc while we MacGyver the water situation to get us to Eagle Plains (3d hence).

Dave had a broken spoke on road -with a big wobble, so switch out from Dale driving to Dave and bike on back with repair in tent – Dave effectively deconstructed and reconstructed the back tire – have I said yet that this is the team to have? ….. still no flat tires

In camp started to pour rain, we just got the three guys tents up, and then it really started to come down, so much MacGyvering to be done – two tarps up, BBQ in camp for new York strip steaks, firepit for the potatoes pockets. All of us chilling under the tarp watching the flames. Despite pouring rain dinner was perfect – medium rare/potatoes/onions/and sour cream. Thank you Dale/Dave!!



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