What a final ride. We went up and over again to end up in the town of Tingri, known for their hot springs though we were all too shattered to partake. If the border had been open we would have started the many thousand meter descent to Kathmandu. But the border is not open so from Tingri we will bus back to Lhasa.

Last pass.

It was a helluva ride. Apparently most peeps don’t actually do the climb! They didn’t tell us that until camp. So being TYL we did the day:

Elevation gain 601m
Max elevation 5100m
Elevation lost 762m
Max speed 41.6 (HR)
Average 9.4
Cal 3456
Total ride 65.4km

We are done!

53km of mountain biking!! And I mean bone jarring, hand numbing, knee crunching, flat inducing (Farid), washboard road, chunky rock, river crossing real Mtn biking!!! While surviving the ride we had expansive views of Cho Oyu, another 8000m peak!!

Duration of the ride: 5 hr 17 min!!

Beautiful pattern of light coming through the clouds.



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  1. Whoooo hoooooo!!!! I can only imagine how you guys are feeling. Congrats on completing this incredible journey. You guys rock!!

  2. Without any doubt you are all real heroes. You are proving the impossible to be possible. And all the hopes are for the second wind to kick in at exactly the right moment. Let your sense of humour and optimism carry you forward. Godspeed!!!

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