What a day! Oh my – what a day!

We woke to clear skies and moved with pace and urgency in order to get to Everest Base Camp before the clouds came in. 8km ride in, half paved and half gravel. 250m elevation gained.

Jumping for joy.

There she was in all her glory. The Tibetan view of Everest is that she is a holy mountain…..Chomo means lady, langma means very tall. She is a god mountain in Tibetan Buddhist faith. There are four other holy mountains in Tibet, as well as holy lakes. The Tibetan people pray before going on to the mountain. Most Tibetans will make a pilgrimage to Chomolangma at some time in their life. She is god of the region.

Base camp sign.

The local lore is the weather is bad during climbing season and clears once the expeditions are over because she doesn’t wish to be climbed, and she gets angry. Apparently someone summitted earlier today but other climbers were pulled back due to impending bad weather. We paid homage to her and jumped for joy! What a feat!!

We’ve biked from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp. We were spellbound. There are no words to adequately describe the feeling. We hung a prayer flag for all the Moms in the world. Happy Mother’s Day. Seemed totally appropriate while the Queen of mountains looked on.

Mother’s Day prayer flag.

We cycled back to the Rongbuk tea house and sat in awe watching the clouds roll in around her.

Total distance 38km
Elevation gained 250m
Elevation lost 600m
Top speed 67.7 (HR)
Altitude lost 434m
Cal 1900

Back in camp with celebratory Lhasa Beer (beer from the roof of the world). Tomorrow another 5000m pass as we start to make our way back to Lhasa.



10 Responses

  1. I hope each one of you had a private moment to consider how amazing it is to stand where you stood. Back home We are humbled by her and by the teamwork it took to get you there.

    I hope Heather got some amazing pictures through her tears

    Stay healthy and safe

  2. OMG! I got extremely touched with just the picture! Can’t only imagine what you guys felt being in front of the Everest for real!! Marvelous! Congrats! Thanks for sharing all this with us.

  3. WOW….. what an accomplishment! So glad you all got there safe and sound, and enjoyed the magestic view and magical moments. Wishing you all a safe trip home!

  4. That is an amazing feat. I love all the stories about the religious lore at all the different locations of your travels. Congratulations on your great accomplishment. May the rest of your trip be safe.

    Jerry Scheenaard

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