We almost saw Everest. We cycled up to Rongbuk. Unfortunately Everest isn’t on our agenda. She’s playing coy. While in Rongbuk waiting for her to show herself we visited the Rong La monastery. We had our prayer beads blessed. We also hung out in the small hotel and had ginger, lemon, honey tea. Met some travellers from Brazil on a tour (also disappointed at not seeing Everest).

Total km 40
Max speed 56.5
Avg. 12.5
Altitude gained 434m
Altitude lost 434m
Cal 1900
Peak altitude 5009m

Check point en route.


We had sheep, Yak, hail and snow on today’s ride. The hail was particularly nasty. After giving up on seeing the majestic beauty we crashed in camp for cards and stories. Tomorrow we ride to Everest Base Camp!!! Let’s hope she loosens her robes a little and gives us a peak!


PS. VR your chocolate has been lifesaving. Team says a huge thanks. I can’t believe I shared!



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  1. Hockey semis are all set – Ottawa vs Pittsburgh and Anaheim vs Nashville. Sorry Oilers fans they played well but ultimately lost.
    Stay safe and strong everyone! D

  2. Glad to hear that chocolate came in handy; wish I packed more for the team 🙂

    Hope you’ll get to see a coy lady tomorrow!!!!

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