Nice easy morning wake-up. Cowboy coffee, porridge and eggs. Got on our bikes around 915. Our rest day involved 22km, 350m elevation gained, 1000 calories burned…….crazy thing is it did feel like a rest day!!!

We made our way through a few small towns. Desperate to get a video off for the blog we stopped at a small lodge in one of the towns and used their Wifi. As payback we bartered over the price of some Everest buffs.

While we waited for the video to send (took about 20 min) we witnessed the morning ritual of goats and sheep being moved through town, dogs lazily sleeping in the sun, tractors to and fro’ing. They took our picture – we took theirs.

Riding through town.

We left town and ambled along at an easy pace. Everest tantalizing us in the clouds but not quite making an appearance. The ride was surreal, long horizon, sun, snow while the sun was shinning, no wind, everyone waving and saying good morning in Tibetan.

JRA. Just Riding Along.

One small town was full of kids. They rolled tires and ran alongside us. Waving, cheering and laughing.

Curious about us!

We rolled into camp after a km of mountain off road biking. It is a camp of chaos at 4602m. The local Tibetan people are trying to build a foot bridge in the middle of camp. OMG. What a spectacle.


Each of us taking some down time this afternoon. Dale and Mike helped the locals move rocks. Dave and Farid went on walkabout. Perry and I did some reading.

Tomorrow another big climb and Everest base camp in two days.



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  1. We loved the video, very cool. Would love to have been able to send some school supplies for you to give the kids…
    Can’t wait to see some pics of Everest.

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