Some call it a billion dollar road. We just called it a B#%^*!?

43 switchbacks to get to the top!

70km total ride
Max speed 69.7 (Dave)
Calories 2673
Average 13kph
Descended 1159m
Ascending 914m
Highest navigable road in the world. Peak altitude 5205m
Camp altitude 4252m

Seemed only fitting on this day that our prayer flag goes to the most noble profession. It is Nursing week. We signed a prayer to all the amazing nurses on our team that make everything happen. Great caregivers and teammates. Best nurses in the world.

The climb felt interminable but we got there. The Everest climbers waved as they rolled by in their mini van. At nearly every stop, at checkpoints, and on trail the locals and tourists alike take our photos. Perry and Farid are the fan favourites. They are gracing refrigerators everywhere.

Taking a breather.

At the peak hospitality was shared by a local Tibetan family with a solitary tent that kept the speedsters warm waiting for the slow pokes. Unfortunately no view. Instead we got snow and bone chilling cold. The descent was full of hairpin turns and finally we pulled into camp at 4 pm.

7th pass.

Great campsite adjacent to a small town – we have a little walled off courtyard.

Everest soup for dinner!!! We went for a post dinner walk and watched Everest emerge from the clouds!!!



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  1. Sports Update – Hockey – Nashville thru to next round, Ott 3-2 vs NYR, Pit-Wsh & Edm-Ana have game 7s tomorrow. B-Ball – Cavs & GS thru to next round, Hou-SA & Was-Bos are tied at 2. Baseball – Jays starting to win more than they lose but are a long way back from the two best teams in the majors – Yankees and Orioles. Stay safe guys! D

  2. Glad you all made it up (and down) the “hills”. We are impressed. We’re waiting for Mike to turn it up and clock the fastest speed!!!
    Weather in the GTA is at least sunny but still around 10 degrees, waiting for it to warm up permanently. For the Jays fans, they actually beat Cleveland last night with double E. No winged parrot run around the bases for him!
    Good luck on the next trek, you must be 2 days out now from Everest???

  3. So excited for you guys. What a great honor to recognize nurses made me cry! It is the dedication and commitment from our patients (Dale) and leaders (Dr. Ross) that drive nurses. Looking forward to more pictures and reading about your adventures.

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