Mount Everest

We have started the long journey to get home – today 13 hours in a small bus to Lhasa. Challenging drive as lots of snow in the mountain passes, and strict rules about the speed the car can go, including a lot of radar cameras. We said goodbye to Everest at a viewpoint. Waved to the farmers, yaks, sheep, goats, dogs, horses and donkeys. The Tibetan people are inspiring, they have been curious about us, welcoming and kind. The opportunity to learn about their culture and Buddhism has been extraordinary…….

The long ride to Lhasa.

When all was said and done we did the trip safely, though there were three over the handle bars (Ox, Mike and Perry), there were only some minor bruises; though many flat tires….

In Sum:

We biked for > 60 hours – of which nearly all was over 4000m
8 passes – 5 over 5000m
Almost 1000km cycling
Gained the altitude equivalent of Everest (> 8000m elevation gained)
and burned over 25,000 calories.

But most importantly we came together as a team, and through teamwork accomplished Everest Base Camp. I can’t thank the guys enough. They proved how tough they are …… and then hearing them all carpool karaoke Adele on the bus ride proved they are also in touch with their feminine side.

As always there are a lot of people to thank. IWD and Kiki most of all for making TYL possible. My team back home who are doing my job while I am gallivanting across the Himalaya! Stefan at SXS for making the body work, KVD for fixing it after, DOH for everything. HUGE thanks to Stefan for doing the blog!!!!

Thanks for following us – we appreciate all the comments.

The TYL team: freak of nature, cowboy, mother, wingman, weatherman and oak.

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This is the 7th TYL adventure……who knows what will come next!



9 Responses

  1. Hopefully by now you are all resting comfortably in a bed with beautiful memories taking shape. And thinking of the great food ( not camp food) that is around the corner.

    Once again, an amazing display of grit and determination by all.

  2. Congrats!!!!….you’re all awesome!!!

    Thanks for taking us all with you on this amazing journey…and awesome pictures you shared with us!!!!

    Safe travels back and Happy Mother’s Day to a mother of the team 🙂

  3. I can only imagine the challenges that remained beyond the scope of these posts. Thank you for taking us on this journey through your blog and sharing snapshots of this incredible adventure. Congratulations!

  4. Can’t believe it’s actually over!!!! Can’t wait to see all of the great pics and hear more about your adventures. We enjoyed reading the blog and keeping up to date on your daily adventures. I have posted a few of your pics and comments and am encouraging everyone to register to be a donor on facebook. Hopefully word spreads about getting registered.
    By the way, Owen’s favourite video is the breakfast tent jam, especially the end with Perry’s face, he laughs every time and we’ve had to watch it several times!
    Congrats again to everyone, well done!

  5. Kudos to an amazing team for a job well done. I followed you daily. I feel privileged and fortunate to know you and am ever inspired by the “test your limits” moniker. Safe trip home. HG

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