What a night. Hail and high winds, flapping, buffeting and clawing at the tents, it felt like we were at risk to blow away. Dawn brought -1 degree, frost and a cloudless azure blue sky. Completely still. Ate breakfast outside in the sun.

OMG we had a high altitude Tibetan flash mob at breakfast!

Ride followed water again, nice descent for almost 30 km. Then up to a ‘baby’ pass at about 4200m. Dale/Dave signed the prayer flag for all organ donors ‘Live On’ – Dorje chanting a Buddhist prayer in the background.

Perry at the 3rd pass.

Signing the prayer flag.

We continued on to Gyangze. En route we saw the proverbial ‘cart before the horse’ and the Tibetan people hard at work. Tough soil, very arid on this side of the pass. Houses with glass rooms and racks of yak cheese drying within, then strung like beads on a string to be sold at the side of the road to motorists passing by.

So much for never putting the cart before the horse.

Friends along the roadside.

The town of Gyangze has a large Dzong or castle, built by the 5th Dalai Lama. We visited their monastery. Stunning Local Nepali dinner. I asked for a wet towel to wash my hands and was told I could wash them ‘in’ the toilet (lost in translation) then back to hotel for some pool.




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  1. amazing photos, I have to say the video is amazing! everyones dance moves are on point, mike you have to teach me some of those moves! everyone in PMCC is following along on your journey! stay safe! daniella

  2. We finally got to login onto your blog site! We’ve been tracking your trek every day and wishing all of you great success as you climb your way up! Looks like you have seen some amazing views way up there! Keep on riding (and dancing)!
    Mike’s personal support team! – Tracy and Owen

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