Awoke to clear blue sky, 3 degrees. Had brekkie and took off around 9am. Warmed up quickly to low 20’s.

95km ride. Start altitude about 4043m. Max 49.6. Cal 2913.

Lost 77m and gained 42m. Tibetan flat.

First half no wind. Second half headwind.

It was a pastoral day. People waving as we cycled by, kids yelling. Gorgeous. Team really came together and formed a peloton to ease the strain – both the length of the ride and the headwind. We each pulled for 2km and then transitioned to the back till our time came again.

The peloton.

Soaking up the sun at lunch.

Pulled into Shigatse about 3. Great shower!!!! And then up to the rooftop tea lounge in this awesome hotel. The young Tibetan women giggled and giggled at Perry and Farid. I showed them the flash mob dance video to huge delight. Chicken tikka for dinner. Some chores given the running water – aka laundry. Boys are back at the tea lounge.

Tibetan giggles.

From a tent to this fine hotel.

Tomorrow is a rest day. We explore the town.



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  1. Sounds like a great day– the rest day I mean! Went for a drive in the Rockies today and thought to myself, I could be cycling through the mountains with Heather et al. right now. Wish I was there with you suffering or at least burning those calories.

  2. Hi guys,

    I’m reading your blog whenever I get a chance. It seems like you are all having wonderful time and getting a lot of excercise. Don’t forget to find your way home though…You are missed here at the clinic. Stay safe and keep it up!

  3. This looks like so much fun! Hard work. But hard work is gratifying with a great team. Wish I was there, all that peddling would be great for my wee glutes … Enjoy your day off!

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