Went for walkabout this morning into the local market. All kinds of things for sale from local household items to clothes to Buddhist prayer wheels. Bought a big Yak bell, some old coins, and other sundries.

As we wandered through town we ran into an actual snake oil salesman……actual…..locals using it on their knees…we thought of bringing some home but worried about what would happen at the border when we tried to explain what we had.

Snake oil salesman for real!

Back to the hotel for some snooker as the weather had changed and the hail was coming down, size of marbles! Snooker took the champs 90 min to complete the game!

Then we went to the monastery – where the first Dalai Lama tomb Stupa is. The monastery is at the foot of a sacred mountain. It dates from the 14th Century. We were there for the start of evening prayers. The clouds went dark, hail again, high winds blowing all the prayer flags. In this setting we heard the trumpet for call to prayers. All the young monks started chanting for about 5 minutes and then ran into the ‘assembly’ for prayer, leaving their shoes outside.

We wandered through during the chanting and you could feel the vibration all through your body, shivers, goosebumps and tears.

Waiting for an evening prayer.

Senior and Junior Munk.


Back to the hotel tea house for a melange for dinner. Lots of talking about the coming days – these guys (Ox and Dorje) are great, they couldn’t be more accommodating (they even let us beat them at snooker)!

Awesome email for Farid – he won an Ontario Graduate Scholar award WOOHOO!

We start back on the road again tomorrow – oh boy another metric century coming.




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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful, much deserved, rest day! Love the photo of the sitting monks. Good luck on your ride tomorrow.

    Congratulations Farid!!!

  2. Guys, great updates thanks. More scores – Raptors are down 2-0 to the Cavs, sorry Perry. Jays playing better but still in last place in the East. Ottawa (up 2-1 on NY) and Edmonton (tied 2-2 with Anaheim) are the only Canadian teams left. All the best D

  3. Great photos of the monks! Yes, the sound of chanting is incredibly beautiful and touching. The combined harmonies, reverberations & the generation of compassion … it’s a peaceful thunder in your heart and it can be life changing. Let it soak in through every pore of your body. I’m glad you all had a chance to have that experience.

  4. Following the team has become a daily ritual. Learning about the culture, the pictures … wow. I cannot even imagine the emotions that you guys are feeling. Glad you had this rest day. Keep it going for all of our transplant recipients and all of those waiting on the list. We are so proud. Congratulations Farid!,

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