The last team to do the trip, only 3/17 made the pass on yesterday’s epic ride but we all made it!!

5 degrees at start of day, peaked at about 12.

Started a bit later this morning. Coffee at 730. While organizing, breaking down camp and getting ready I decided not to ride today – my URTI has settled a bit in my chest. Perry and Farid kept me company. We rode with Dorje in the jeep listening to tunes. Stopping every few km to shout encouragement to the riders.

View from my tent.

Dave, Dale and Mike went out riding. 800m climb and about 60km. The pass was just below 5000m. We again tied a prayer flag. Dale paid homage to his donor.

Last two clicks into camp were apparently brutal because of strong headwind.

Camp was very challenging to set up with gear blowing away and everyone running after it! We lost the bathroom tent; fortunately no one was in it. Dave and Dale tried to fix the generator with no luck.

Setting camp in the crazy wind.

Fixing the generator.

Random Tibet fact: I’ve decided to more to Tibet as every woman can have two husbands!!!

I am now proficient in making momos – can you pick out which ones are mine???

Making momos in the kitchen.

Can you pick my momo?




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  1. I’ve been following the blog since the start of your trip. Keep the stories coming. I feel like I am with all of you on this trip. Enjoy and keep safe.

  2. Kudos to all… everyday seems to be its own separate adventure! Love the bouncers ?? you got outside the tent…… did they serrande you like the ones at Machhapucchare Base Camp?? And those monos…. wow…. but ?? one those is not like the others ??.
    Happy ??‍♀️??

  3. I’m guessing your momo is the one at 7 o’clock of the inner circle. A fabulous momo it is. Keep the pics coming and hope the URTI doesn’t keep you off the saddle tomorrow. Good health to you and the crew.

  4. Hope your infection gets better. Makes it a little difficult to ride (understatement). Thanks for doing this for all people waiting for a transplant. One request. Can you place a Prayer Flag or say a Prayer for my Donor Aaron.

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