1300m elevation climbed – 23km.

23 switchbacks.

Peak altitude 4800m (effectively at the top of Mt. Blanc).

The climb up ahead!

At the top there were hugs and tears. Farid brought out the prayer flag and we all signed our prayers on it and then hung it with the thousands of other prayer flags.

Dale signing the prayer flag.

Took 4hrs of cycling to get to the top and ten minutes to descend the other side! Peak speed, 67.1 on downhill. Average speed on the uphill, 6.1.

3526 calories burned.

Beautiful day to start and once we went over the top we had snow and sleet. Further 30km after the descent. Ouch. Very tough riding. 60km overall.

Camp set up in the snow at 4300m.

We are all pretty beat but also upbeat.

Dinner is mountain soup and chicken.

A washroom along the way!



6 Responses

  1. Love following you Guy’s on this incredible Journey. Enjoy because you only live once. Looking forward to reading more of your experiences.

    Jerry Scheenaard

  2. Kudos…I guess I would rather sit on my MTB in Tibet now joining epic ride then holding out in the rain in still chilly GTA.
    Hope you guys have a good and successful ride on!

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