Day 2 Bangkok

35 degrees; 90% humidity
70 feet above sea level
all are well

Last night we tried to get into one of the local hangouts but they don’t allow open toed shoes……we were told this ahead of time so went in converse and keen…..they allowed the converse (which rock with a dress!) but not the keen’s – because they looked like spa sandals…Then went out to a fusion restaurant named ‘Eat Me’. Had a brilliant dinner. Came back and crashed except for Dave who headed out to Scirocco – the same bar we were kicked out of.
Took off out of Bangkok today to a UNESCO World Heritage site of many Wat’s or temples. Dating from 1300’s through to 1600’s amazing.
We were able to make an offering of a monk’s robe to Buddha during a prayer in one of the temples. We wandered among many seeing many different faces of Buddha and many relics of statues that had broken down over the ages.
Lunch was in a small restaurant – typical Thai food – but hotter than Hades!!! Of course no issue for Brian and Suneet – but the rest of us went through a few litres of water.
Back in to Bangkok. Tonight we had a very traditional Thai evening. We were ringside at a Muay Thai match in the local stadium – wow. Then out for Pad Thai….
Up in 4 hours to catch flight to Bhutan!!!!!!!!!


Temple Hand

Temple Hand


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  1. A very moving picture of Dale kneeling at the temple, especially since I was at the Trillium, gift of life celebration the other night at the Palais Royale-site of an epic party in 2010. Stay strong.

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