Day 1 Bangkok
70 feet above sea level
Everyone healthy
30 degrees Celsius – sunny…..cloudy……torrential thunderstorms…..

We arrived last night smooth and by the numbers, all bags and peeps present and accounted for. We were met by Suzy our guide for Bangkok and delivered to our wonderful hotel. We managed a brilliant midnight swim in the pouring rain…….a bit of magic. Then we had room service in Dale’s room – a mix of food – of course we now know each other well enough to know that Brian is the hoover of the group.

Night Swim in the Rain

Today we left the hotel – after a wonderful breakfast – to visit a number of the royal palaces and temples. Incredible. We saw reclining Buddha, emerald Buddha and a lot of other Buddha’s. Buddhism is the national religion with some Hinduism. The population of Bangkok is 8 million; with approximately 65 million in the country.
We visited Chinatown and not surprisingly Brian had a bunch of street meat. Then the flower market…..

Flower Market

One of the highlights at the temple was Dale saying a prayer during morning chants for his donor. At the reclining Buddha we meditated while dropping coins in the singing bowls.

Dale saying a prayer

We then went on a boat tour and witnessed much of the other side of Bangkok. We got caught in a torrential downpour and at one point there was some funnel action happening in the sky. as Dale said – where else would you want to be if a tornado hit then on open water in a pencil thin boat……all we could do was laugh, hysterically, but laugh nonetheless…..


We have left the boys to have a suit tailored!!! We hope they are not visiting the ‘naughty’ massage parlour. Tonight we are going to head out to the night market!


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