Nahanni Day 18 – Lindberg Homestead We woke up to a miserable morning with drizzle, mist […]
Nahanni Day 17 – The Splits Distance travelled 50 km Bug meter 1/10 (cold, cold, cold) […]
Lafferty's Creek
Nahanni Day 15 and 16 – Lafferty creek Up at usual time today and did an […]
Nahanni Day 14 – Deadman’s Valley Glorious glorious day – sun and not a cloud in […]
Nahanni Day 13 (Hells) Gate: Maximum speed on water 19.6 kph Distance traveled: 48 km Altitude […]
Nahanni Day 12 – 4th Canyon Well the high point of the morning was the blueberry […]
Had lasagna last night- perhaps the best ever (sorry E & L), it is possible there […]
Nahanni Day 10 – Virginia Falls What a gorgeous morning we woke up to – fog […]
Nahanni Day 9 – Oxbow Lake Camp The day dawned actually not bad – breakfast was […]
Nahanni day 8 Distance travelled 30km Vertical lost 25 m Top speed – 14 km/h Bug […]
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