While Dale and Dave continue to drive to crazy 2000 km from Edmonton to Whitehorse, Farid, Suneet and I had the opportunity to explore this absolutely incredible city. We did 17,000 steps winding our way through every street, in and out of every shop. We did 2 mile hill up to the plateau that the airport is built on and found this phenomenal statue.

On our way back from 2 mile hill we came across the a barbershop and Farid had his first ever straight razor shave. We then continued to walk exploring all the amazing shops, bakeries and art galleries of Whitehorse. Lunch at Burnt toast – and while looking around the restaurant we saw a table of what could only be called old rockers – we were trying desperately to name the band.

Ultimately we landed at one of the best places ever…. Lumos studios. Luanne the owner was awesome. We watched them blow glass and make pieces of art unique each and everyone of them. Then sat out back and enjoyed the ambience. (www.lumelstudios.com). 

Luanne gave us a small heart as a token for our wellness on the Dempster Highway. She said that this was, a talisman, telling us that the indigenous people believe that if you carry this with you, you will have safe travels. It is heart shaped. She did not know the story of test your limits when she gave it to us. There’s something magical in that.

Meanwhile somewhere on the road from Edmonton……Dale and Dave’s excellent adventure (think ‘Bill and Ted’)…..these guys drove almost non-stop to get up here! While enroute to Whitehorse today the highway offered a variety of nature’s best to view along the way.  2 pair of bears, 2 sand hill cranes, 7+ Buffalos, and a Feisty mountain goat and of course many many northern lights.

In the town of Watson Lake, D&D came upon an unusual sight. The trees in one section of land in the town were covered in signs. Hometown names,  street names, license plates, etc.

As the story goes, an American soldier who was one of 11000 working on the Alaska Hwy became homesick and decided to put up a sign point to home. Over the year’s people continue to add their messages to home as well. There are currently over 85,000 signs.

WHAT a reunion – it has been 5 years since the band got together! We grabbed dinner at Klondike Rib and Salmon. Decided to head back………..but WAIT the night was NOT over….. on the way we started to hear the dulcet (not) tones of a full on R&R band, The Willie Nile’s Band. We were standing outside at MacBride Musuem watching, like fish through a fishbowl, and were invited in …….to a private fundraising event……and the dancing started. Everyone in the room was friendly and welcoming – we had an absolute BLAST……….woke up at 1 am but no Northern Lights for us…….



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