We are battening down the hatches for a significant storm, with winds expected 40 to 50 knots. The day was spent preparing and ensuring that tents are secure and nothing is loose.

It was hard to imagine this morning that a storm would be moving in, as it was a spectacular day – about – 2 and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. The staff have been amazing keeping us informed of all the updates. At present, there is no further news on the Ilyushin.

The afternoon was spent playing Union Glacier Olympics. They divided the expedition crew and some of the staff to make eight teams.

The events were largely puzzle-oriented with a twist and a sense of humour – e.g. wag bag tossing – all in all, a real riot.

We also had six-legged ski races. There were six events in all, capped off by a sled race, where two of the tram members were in the sled and two were either pulling or pushing the sled through the course. Truthfully, it was a brilliant way to spend three hours – filled with much laughter and a release of tension. There was also a four-on-four pick up soccer game (Diego scored). Finally, there was a podium presentation for the winners. My team came last.

We will wait out the storm and should have news about 1 p.m. tomorrow re repairs on the Ilyushin. If it is good to fly, then the next issue will be a weather window.

Thanks for sticking with us and we’ll try to continue to keep you updated.


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  1. Dear Entire Team,
    I am thinking of you all as you prepare for the moments ahead- with battening down the hatches and creating sporting events- you guys are tough. It’s the only way to be “the ant and the grasshopper” all in one day. Strength and lots of good energy to you all. Can’t wait to see you home soon. Sarah

    Frederick Greenwood writes: (Sarah as amanuensis)
    Dear Heather and Diego,
    I am in fond hope that his note reaches you at your meat locker address. Lots of family visits for me this season. I will leave you my mother’s advice- “keep your woolies on”. All the best. Frederick Greenwood

  2. Yet another storm.

    Our prayers are with you all and more so with the Russian engineer, who needs to fix the plane and make it able to fly.

    Fingers crossed from all on the transplant team at TGH…..

    Thanks for the keeping up with the blog. Knowing you are still up to the ususal antics, makes the waiting bearable from our side.

  3. Congratulations Heather, Dale, Diego, and Michel on your awesome achievement. You have all been an inspiration and source of motivation. The blog has been brilliant and very uplifting.
    Good luck on the trek home and hope to see you back at work soon, I’m sure you will be busy so rest up.
    Mike W

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