Sat around waiting.. 3 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and finally at 5, they came in to tell us that the flight was a go.


The restored Basler DC3, which brought the team to the polar ice cap.

We packed up our stuff, got our sleds organized and made our way to the most incredible plane. It is a Basler DC3 that was made in 1944 for the Royal Canadian Air Force. There is a plaque in the cockpit that shows its lineage.

It was originally designed as a military plane for cargo and parachuting and it’s been refurbished. It is in impeccable condition and it is stunning.  All Canadian crew.

The crew comes down from Alberta, and it takes them almost a week to come all the way down to the Antarctic. They fly down at the beginning of season, then fly back at the end of  the expedition season. It’s the same as the Twin Otter. They now have two planes, the DC3 and Twin Otter.

It has wheels and sleds and landed on snow at 8858.7, meaning we actually have to do a little more than the last degree, which I think all of us are just fine with.

It was -25 degrees Celsius when we landed. We ended up skiing straight out of the plane and got into camp. Then it was just organizing the gear and putting up the tent.


The Test Your Limits team: Michel, Heather, Diego and Dale, in front of the historic Basler DC3

As only girl on this trip, and knowing that the environment is flat and you can see for 10 miles, ablutions are challenging. I have to say that everyone at camp is very familiar with my behind. Not much I can do about that!! (LOL)

In any case, we’re all doing well. Everybody’s in good spirits and we’re about to start the last degree tomorrow. Love to everybody.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Uncle Dale and the rest of the team,
    Great that you were able to head out and get started tomorrow. I hope the weather continues to be as good as can be.
    Looking forward to reading more updates and seeing more pictures soon!
    I saw the South Pole display at Toronto General the other day and was pretty excited to tell the person I was with that my uncle is on that trip! Way to go Uncle Dale!
    Sara xo

  2. So they have all seen the ‘swish’? Good luck as you embark on the final legs of the journey. Btw Packers beat the Vikings 24-10 and the Texans beat the Bengals 19-13, both were pretty good games. Go Colts and go Skins!!

    Love Dave

  3. Hi all,

    I hope your first official day of ski went well and that Heather is getting more comfortable in the new women’s room. Can’t wait to know how different it is from the North Pole.
    Here in Montreal it was snowing all day. It looks like we are going to have a “traditional ” winter: it makes it easier to picture you all in this infite snow.
    I hope the team is well and that Michel got completely rid of his cold.
    I’m sending you all big warm kisses, and Michel’s are bigger 🙂

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