Cold – fog rolling in on the horizon, which has done two things: dropped the temperature and put our flight today into potential jeopardy.

Sleep is a challenge. Brilliant, bright, bright night – it’s so weird. Even if you use all the devices to cover your eyes, you still feel like you’re trying to sleep staring at the sun.

HR Sunbathing

Dr. Ross works on her tan at Union Glacier

A twin-otter  plane also landed at midnight, but despite all of this, everyone got some sleep.

At glacier camp, we had eggs, ham, pancakes and fruit for breakfast.


A well-stocked Antarctic kitchen

Today was day of organization. We practiced packing the sled,…ski bindings, poles with funny little pole covers – pogey or poggie (sp?) – to try and reduce hand frostbite.

Then we went for ski back towards airstrip. We stopped and set up group tent, which we’ll use to eat if the world is reasonable.

Then we practiced with all the different stoves – whisper light and a good old-fashioned boy scout two burner Coleman (Dad, I think they took yours.)

If all is well, we hope to be leaving at around 5 p..m. our time for a four or five hour flight to the last degree.

We still don’t know yet whether it will happen. It is completely weather and wind dependent. If everything goes well, the next blog will be from the last degree. Wish us luck.


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  1. Happy belated birthday dad! I hope that you guys get a flight in today, and that you’ve figured out the go pros. I wish I was there to help. Good news from Silver Islet, it’s still beautiful (the lake is a huge skating rink), and Rhonda got a new heart! It’s too bad Heather is down there, but I’m sure she’s in good hands.

    Good luck to all of you down there, At least this time the goal isn’t moving away from you.

    Stay warm,

    dale jr.

  2. It’s really so fun reading these posts, BRILLIANT fun.
    The kitchen looks fantastic (but HR, where are the M&Ms ?!!)

    I’m just sitting here in infinite admiration of the Test Your Limits Team… thinking of you and wishing you tons of good luck.

    – Sue

  3. You are all an inspiration to all us!!! Dale I admire you … Being a recent transplant recipient myself, you really have allowed me to set some very high goals for myself!! I thank you for that! Safe travels, and look forward to hearing the next update ………

  4. Dale & Gang, The first thing I do every morning is check in to see how things are going. You paint a beautiful picture…..if only it wasn’t so cold. Happy Belated Birthday Dale. You are #1 on my list of people I most admire. Keep it up. Love Margaret

    • I will be speaking with Heather shortly and will ask her to pass the message on to your Dad.

      PMCC Communications Specialist

  5. Hi Dale & Gang,
    Sean is cooking stir-fry and the girls are playing scrabble and drinking wine. Grandma is holding her own and Kate leaves tonight, and she’s currently wining at scrabble by a long shot. We may have difficulty connecting for the next couple of days because i dont have access to computer. Ill be in touch as soon as I can figure out the computer situation.
    Stay warm and good luck swooshing to the pole.

    Love Peg

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