The busiest airport in Antarctica



The TYL smile for a photo after arriving at Union Glacier.

It’s only -7 and we’re 864 m above sea level.

Well, the plane took off and 5 hours later we landed at Union Glacier! We are here. Its 6:45 and dinner is at 7. Our luggage (so fun to call it that!) our gear will be offloaded shortly. It’s 8 kilometres from the blue ice runway to camp. We still need to set up tents etc….. will be a late night. Dinner at 7, briefing at 9 then we go out to set camp.

The plane is one helluva beast. Its kind of hard to describe what it feels like. But imagine BIG with no amenities. They did serve lunch to us!

When you deplane, it feels like you have landed on a lunar landscape – nothing but snow, glaciers and mountains. Distance is impossible to determine – you look at a mountain and it is 20 kilometres away and the glacier is 4 kilometres wide. You can see for miles.

The camp is pristine and its location makes it ideal for camping as the wind is minimal. We are putting up camp beside the main area. Then there are two large tents for eating – one for the ALE clients and one for clients guided by others: us and Polar Explorers.

Tomorrow we are supposed to break camp, ski out 4 kilometres and set camp, do some exercises (stove etc.), then we ski back and either set camp here or fly out to the last degree… We don’t know yet.


Dr. Delgado does his best airplane pose in front of the Ilyushin


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  1. spent an hour with Stella on the phone and she has me all organized with this damn blog – I owe her big time! Our thoughts are with you every moment – take care – M&D

  2. Wow! It feels so good to know you are all safe and in such an organised camp.
    Can’t wait to see pictures and know how skiing was. Let’s hope you all feel good in this weather and at this altitude so you can take off for the last degree safely.
    Sending you all a truck loaded of positives thougths and peaceful energy to enjoy as much as possible your journey. You are making us very proud!
    Michel, souris a la vie. je t’accompagne a chaque pas :)))) xxxx

  3. Hi Dale and Heather,
    We heard your great interview this morning on CBC – very touching! Hope the weather holds for you – sounds amazing!
    Take good care.
    Darcy and Trish

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