Test Your Limits Goes Riding

Woke up to a brilliant sunny day at Los Mortinos – each room is named after the volcano you see from your window – it is like a ring of fire, dominated by Cotopaxi (closed for climbing due to volcanic activity). Llamas running wild on the property. Breakfast was amazing, local fruit, eggs, toast and berry jam (outrageous).

Given it is a rest day, we decided to go riding (another first for Farid). We saddled up and were off! We rode back into Cotopaxi national park (LP you would have loved it), into some Inca ruins. The weather changed as we circled back towards Los Mortinos – the horses picked up, the thunder clouds came in, the heavens opened, and Farid’s horse cantered (another first). The good news is everyone stayed in the saddle.

Riding horses in Cotopaxi National Park.

Picnic lunch in our room…….what could be better – salami, cheese, PB, crackers and soup.

Picnic lunch time!

Chilling, reading, napping – afternoon rest day activities

Tomorrow weather permitting we do Ruminahui …



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  1. Happy to hear that all remained in their saddles. Looks like the weather changed pretty quickly. Hope you all enjoyed your rest day and looking forward to following along.

    Stay safe

    • Of course I hear riding and I’m thinking cycling lol😉. I’m glad it was an actual day off with glorious looking horseback riding – sounds awesome!! Glad you all stayed safe in the horse saddles (again I’m thinking spinning and ‘out of the saddle’ 😉) and got back before the weather turned. Thank you for sharing the awesome video and pictures!
      Rest well!
      Go Team #TYL23 !

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