About 29 km, altitude 7874 ft. Started in the clouds for the first 1.5 hrs, then it cleared up. Wind picked up over our left shoulder- kind of a crosswind.

As per Nansen who was the first European to cross Greenland in 1888, we of course have had no chance to wash up on this trip.

His excuses, which I wholly support, were:

1. They only boiled a small amount of water each day to conserve fuel.
2. Thirst was overwhelming. So they decided to drink the little water they made rather than using it to wash.
3. The option of washing first and hen drinking that water was unappealing.
4. Washing at -30 ~<>>#%^^*!!!!  ain’t a treat.
5. Sun exposure while washing, not minor, the sun is merciless.
6. Time. Not a lot of extra time to spend on frivolous pleasures.

So instead we celebrate clean undies.

Audio dispatch from Heather: https://soundcloud.com/user-590095375/voicemail-881621458695-20180518

Audio dispatch from Dale: https://soundcloud.com/user-590095375/voicemail-881621458695-20180519



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  1. You guys are an inspiration to all of us. Dale, you never cease to amaze us and inspire/encourage every transplant recipient to Test their Limits, no matter how that is defined.

    Cheers to clean undies!!!
    Safe Travels

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