What an interesting night. I was using the throne tent when I heard some unusual noises and then a lot of barking. Turns out the bull was coming to visit the throne and the dogs that joined us in camp chased him away (thank god). We had 5 adults and 4 puppies around camp last night. A couple of major barking episodes, no doubt saving us from something.


Dawn beautiful . I set about making cowboy coffee only to lose the handle on an upward swing throwing the whole kit and kaboodle into the river. Dale fetched it and on swinging promptly sent it flying into the river again where our guide rescued the container. When all was said and done it was awesome coffee.

I’m in van today – right knee popped at end of day yesterday. Better today but being cautious. Guys were awesome on a really tough day. Peak altitude 5188m. WOW – SOS. What a day!!!

Low climb speed 4.7 kph
Max speed 64.6 kph (Farid)
Climbed 1044m
Cal 2453

6th pass – prayer flag for Andrew my nephew, Perry’s brother a life too short.

6th pass.

Down to camp – 4418m.

Start of the descent.

Rest day tomorrow. Welcome by all!!



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  1. Kudos……. What a day (and night too)!!! Enjoying the stories and photos of all the adventures. Glad Perry’s feeling better and cycling again. A couple of rest days for HR’s knee are probably exactly what your doc would order. Wishing you all a much deserved restful day. Looking forward to your next set of stories. As always, love those furry friends you keep meeting!

  2. What life would it be without dogs?

    Team spirits seem good despite the gruelling days. A much needed rest day sounds like what the doctor ordered for all.

    Enjoy. Store some calories and treat your joints well.

  3. Glad that you get a rest day and glad the dogs were there to protect all of you. Enjoy your rest day. The weather here isn’t much better than where you are. The rain has finally ended, the sun has popped out here and there but it’s only 7 degrees. You’re not missing much of our spring!
    Keep on riding!

  4. Great stories. You Guy’s are an inspiration. If your interested the Jays have won 2 series now. Looking forward to your next entry. Lucky for you the dogs were around. Would have been real interesting if they weren’t there. Hope the knee gets better.


  5. Hi, been following you, worried about Perry’s eye and health. You are all very brave, you are all included in my prayers.
    Perry, I finally got the iPad working.
    Good luck

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