Partly Cloudy, 18 degrees.

Snow on the surrounding mountains.

We bought a Bodum French Press in Kathmandu, and some Himalayan Java – so i woke the boys to a nice cup of java.

Post breakfast we went for a great ride – about 15k, past the Palace – just to limber up, and make sure that all the parts of the bike were as needed, adjusted, seat (family jewels) etc. Farid, master of the selfie, took a brilliant photo – you will notice Dave isn’t in it….that is because he ran the red light much to the dismay of the traffic cop!

Met Dorje at 11 and walked into the Tibetan part of town to do a bit of shopping. Farid and I bought prayer beads from a woman from Eastern Tibet, Perry picked up prayer wheels, Mike an embroidered tapestry. Dave and Dale still thinking….Wandered back into the old part of town and found a new coffee shop that did a bloody awesome latte and pizza.

Afternoon more wandering and picking up some last minute supplies (always check the expiry date Dave!). Then some cards and back to our usual table at the restaurant next door. Everyone is getting organized as we head out of Lhasa tomorrow and start the real expedition – epic biking (Tibetan flat – Ha!) and camping!!!!


A lot of Perry.



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