Bhutan Day 7

Altitude: peak 12795
Temperature – 20 varying in sun was 25, shade 20
Everyone is well
Shout out: Brian wants a shout out to M and M – healthy again and I’m missing you!!

Philosophical musing: as Joni Mitchel said – I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now!
Bhutan moment: Bhutanese donkeys kick ass
OK so mix rocks of varying sizes helter skelter on the trail, a ton of thick mud, donkey doo, and then add 3795 feet up; and 2000 feet down and you pretty much have the day summed up. The monsoon has wreaked havoc on this trail and we were 9 hours trying to get to our stopping point.
On the Trail

On the Trail

The sights were magnificent, bamboo, rhododendron, gorgeous large pine trees; we walked in the clouds – truly wonderful. We hit the pass for lunch but the support team wasn’t there yet so we kept going and ended up doing lunch around 1. The team showed up with rice, curry beef, veggies and tang – really nice.
First Lunch

First Lunch

We have sort of landed on an organizational plan on trail the hares (Brian, Dale and Suneet) and the tortoises (Dave and me) – worked well today
I have the string of shame on as I carried my camera the whole way but without a battery.
Landed at the stopping point which is actually a local family’s house – we have displaced them, sort of, for the night – couldn’t camp tonight as too much mud and no place to actually stop.
HR and Kids

HR and Kids



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  1. I am sitting here with Mr. Afzal Hussain, looking at the blog pictures. He wanted to say that he is so impressed with all of you. He is thankful for everything you have done for him Dr. Ross!!! Without you he would not be sitting in front of me in a transplant clinic!!

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