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How long do you guys get to sleep? 

We’re usually in the tent for about 12 hours, but, sleep is broken up because of wind, cold and a need to pee at night. The sun is very bright – it’s 24 hours of sunlight – so on average, most of us get about 5 hours of sleep. But rest is almost as important as sleep, and we do get a lot of hours of rest.

How long do you anticipate the total journey taking you? 

Just shy of three weeks, if we’re lucky.

Do you get to see any animals or signs of wildlife? 

None. Most of the wildlife exists on the outside of the continent.

When you are on the move, what’s on your playlist? 

I made a South Pole playlist that spans from John Coltrane to The Clash and from Adele to Zeppelin.

How are your mp3 players standing up to the cold?

We charge our iPods using solar polar and they’ve stood up very well to the cold. We put them in inner pockets to keep them warm from body heat.

What brands of gear or equipment you are using for your tents, GPS, clothes, stoves, etc.?

Our down jackets are Outdoor Survival Canada and I’ve worn it every single day. Our boots are Baffin and the tents are Hilleberg. Each one of us has found gear that we’re most comfortable with from a variety of companies. It’s most important that you’re comfortable with the gear you’re using.


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