Location: south 89.52, west 78

Windy, windy night with snow squalls and chaotic weather outside the tent, such that a number of the sleds were actually buried in the snow when we got up this morning. However, as has become the case with the weather magnet Diego, we woke to a sunny but cold day. As we skied, it continued to be sunny through the day. I am feeling much and pulled my own weight today.

The first part of the skiing today was over terrain that was all higgledy-piggledy with drifts and little ups and little downs, which made the walk quite strenuous.

011213am camp

TYL camp in the morning


The boys with their tent


The TYL team’s ski path

Half way into the third push, like an oasis to a thirsty man crossing the Sahara desert, we were able to see some of the out buildings at the South Pole. I have to say this is very uplifting for everybody and gave everyone more energy to move forward.

We rolled into camp and set up tents. The guides had special treat for us. They erected the group tent again and served us steak, potatoes, and vegetables. It was delicious.

Following that, it was the usual rivaled talk and laugher. Brien, who is a performer, gave a number of soliloquies of American poets adventure-based poems. It was highly entertaining.

Now we’re all just tucking in for the night knowing that tomorrow we will achieve the South Pole.



5 Responses

  1. Hi Guys,

    Thinking of you!

    I wish I could be there to help entertain you by playing my nose but my nostrils would probably seize up in the cold and I would fail miserably!

    Trek on!

    You have my uttmost admiration for your strength and conviction.


  2. Hiiii!!! how are you?
    It is very exciting to see your photos and read your comments, and the posibility to see this incredible experience they you are having. A big kiss from Israel and take care. Daniel Murninkas

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