Latitude: 89.14.5 Longitutde 136.27.25

We have skiied 44.8 nautical miles over the ground to date.
Today was a day of water and wind. We came across many many breaks, small ones, slushy ones, lake like ones. Keith was amazing at finding paths around, over, through which made for some interesting moments!

We crossed 89.1 again today – it is ‘groundhog day’ (remember the old movie…..) – we go to sleep, we drift, we wake up still behind 89.1 and we ski all day – losing 0.2 to the treadmill each hour – so we have skied 39 miles, 29 hours and lost 0.2 about for every hour – hence our total ski is 44.8 nautical miles. Yet we were closer to the pole 48 hours ago……and are still 46 miles away.

We continue to drift as we sit in the tent so tomorrow we get to wake up and do 89.1 all over again!!! In fact it got me thinking – we have drifted 25 miles – so when you think about it…..25 plus 39 means that we have essentially skied on the land that was at the North Pole 5 days ago! Didn’t see any corks go by…

Keith had a great kite which we flew in camp. Winds gusting to 20 mph again which made for amazing kite flying.

Spirits remain high despite the challenging conditions.

Finding our way across

Kite Flying


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