Typical crowded street in Kathmandu
An absolutely beautiful day dawned in Kathmandu – was up at 5:30 to wander the streets. Picked up a couple of cappuccinos from a hole-in-the-wall place – better than Sta___k’s. Perhaps that was just the environs!

We wandered from top to bottom of the district known as Thamel. Largely full of locals with their wares, selling for tourists, hikers and each other. Then made our way down to Basantapur a bit more central and home to the previous royals – who moved to the new Royal Palace prior to the 2001 massacre. We saw the temple for Kama Sutra (I studied that quite carefully, looking for tips), then went on to see the Virgin’s palace (no sex for life). The buildings throughout had Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu features all amongst each other. We had an excellent guide, a social worker in a previous life, who taught us much.

Nepal itself, wedged between India and China, is largely Hindu but with a significant population of Buddhists (used to be in the majority). The name itself is thought to derive from Sanskrit – meaning ‘ at the foot of the mountains’.

There is a significant election due to happen here on May 28th to determine the fate of the monarchy. I am glad we will be out in the mountains when it happens.

Dave is a magnet – there is no doubt about it – absolutely magnetic. He would walk ahead and all the local peddlers would follow in his wake……for as long as it took for him to buy whatever they were selling. We would follow about 10 paces behind, unhindered.

Charles and Yanick arrived today so now the team is complete! We leave town tomorrow early am for Jiri – 70 km away and an 8 hour bus ride. Dale is taking gravol. Dave is taking beer. I am taking my camera.


Dale at a healing post

For sale

man’s best friend

Many faces

pondering life at the temple

tough day on the rickshaw


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