Ascent 264m, descent 265m, distance 47.31k

What a glorious day – near bluebird sky, the road was mostly hard packed, minimal dust, almost flat (almost) and it felt like heaven to roll into Inuvik (in Dempster equivalents the last 8 km of paved road is apparently equivalent to your first kiss, I would have to say that this is totally true)!!

Along the way we passed the Campbell viewpoint to look out on the ridge, lake and Inuvik. Dave had a real rear wheel wobble – turns out he blew two more spokes = we got in to Inuvik just in time. He jokingly said he did the Dempster solo (see photo).

Suneet did the final bit of the drive, parked and then biked back to meet the group so we could all ride in together. Miraculously, we had NO FLATS.

The locals are so incredibly friendly, the team photo was taken by the Sheriff! Dinner at a local place Roost. Post meal we had a great town wander. Highlight of the wander was Mavis’, a local woman with crafts who had us into her home. She told us about the history of each of the mukluks, mittens, scarves, and carvings. What a welcome. Inuvik had a town fair the evening we arrived with live local music and local crafts. Sunlight lasted till after 11 pm. Brightly coloured buildings and a Teacher’s convention in town. Random stat (perhaps for Dale, who is totally immune) this region is second only to the Amazon for mosquitos. Tomorrow Tuk!


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