27 degrees, overcast and intermittent downpours.

Up and at it pretty early – serendipity we all ended up down at breakfast around 7. Wandered out to the Himalayan Java and had a real coffee…Back to meet Ox and do a tour of the city. Nepal is a very multicultural country with 126 ethnic groups, 123 different dialects. There are approximately 27 million people in Nepal with Hinduism and Buddhism being the dominant religions. All through the city you can see overlap and intertwining of these two religions, with ease, peace and love – what a concept.

The earthquake damage is evident throughout – the monastery at the Monkey Temple is gone. The large Shtupa, Bodanath (enlightenment) that contains Buddha’s relics collapsed. They have rebuilt it and it looks spectacular. Pashupatinath Temple – a very holy Hindu site also had some damage. Mike was blessed by the Sadhu, Holy Men. Dale had a deep discussion with a monkey – the rest of us stayed out of trouble.

Farid moment of the day – Heather says i brought ‘camp suds’ if anyone needs to do laundry, Farid says ‘how does that machine work’.

Traditional Nepalese dinner last night, quick visit to the Irish Pub and BED.

The boys.

Dale and monkey square off.

Peace and love.



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