Bhutan Day 9

Altitude: 12,370
Weather: everything
Everyone is well
Shout out: John and Suneet’s 10th Wedding anniversary – and she’s here? wow – what a man…..

Philosophical musing: Heather has reached the zen of Buddhism (not) as per Suneet – given power issues – spent day with f-bombs trying to power 18 devices…!!!
HR in Zen Mode

HR in Zen Mode

Bhutan moment: Our Bhutan team discovered real Canadian Maple Syrup!!!! what a joy to see the look on their faces
Today was a rest day – yes its early on but it is also part of the acclimatization. We woke to variable weather – rain, sun, wind, clouds – above and also in them at one point. Suneet brought this amazing portable espresso maker and given we didn’t get any yesterday – I got to have a double today!
We started the day with pancakes and real Canadian syrup (I brought). Our cook also served up french fries – I think he heard it was Suneet’s anniversary and favourite food. Then what magic a hot shower. Kaka jury rigged a large bag of hot water for us to have a shower!!! Clean hair!!! and even more importantly clean underwear! man what a day.
A lot of lazing around – and at lunch Pizza – I mean really does it get better than this?
Team went and explored Laya – I spent the afternoon in the power cave – sorting our devices and ensuring enough power to get us through till next rest day which is in 6 days.
Brian at Temple

Brian at Temple

Team went to School and donated pencils that we had brought – they mingled with the kids who asked how old they were – and apparently they told the truth. Then they walked up to the temple and found the 50m brutal (which should be ugly tomorrow as we go up and down and ultimately climb > 3000 feet).
Met a bunch of other trekkers, German, American and UK.
Bhutanese School

Bhutanese School


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  1. It was 10 years ago today, Suneet and John began the play.
    They’re still doing the best they can, even when she’s in Bhutan.

    Happy 10th Suneet! We’re keeping it real back here. You do the same there.

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