Relive the trek as Dr. Heather Ross & the team scaled one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas!

The Team


Dr. Heather Ross
MD, MHSC, FRCP(C)[/one_third]

Dale Shippam
Heart Transplant Patient[/one_third_last]

Quick Facts: Nepal’s Mera Peak

Mera Peak is one of the most popular of Nepal’s 18 “Trekking Peaks”. From the trekker, the walk from Lukla through the Sherpa country of the remote Inkhu valley is an unforgettable experience, offering superb scenery, and abundant wildlife – including rumoured sightings of the legendary yeti.

About 700 foreign visitors climb the 6654m Mera Peak each year, an achievement which requires mountaineering skills and a special permit from the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

The altitude of Mera Peak is 6654m. Above sea level, Mera Peak was an almost overlooked mountain to the east of the main Khumbu trekking trails. It is situated in the Everest region in a remote valley.

When one stands upon the summit, spread before you is an unbelievable panorama of peaks such as Mt. Everest, Makalu and hundreds of other beautiful mountains.

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The excursion extended from May 12th, 2008 – June 8th, 2008, with the projected summit of the peak taking place on May 28th, 2008.

The following is a draft itinerary of the trek:

May 12
Arrival in Kathmandu, to hotel
May 23
Chatre to Kothe >> 4h
May 13
Free day in Kathmandu
May 24
Kothe to Thangnag >> 4h
May 14
Kathmandu to Jiri by 7 hour bus trip
May 25
Acclimatization in Thangnag
May 15
Trek from Jiri to Shivalaya >> 5h
May 26
Thangnag to Khare >> 4.5h
May 16
Shivalaya to Kenja >> 4.5h
May 27
Khare to high camp of Mera Peak >> 5h
May 17
Kenja to Junbesi >> 4h
May 28
Summit Mera Peak; back to high camp >> 6h
May 18
Junbesi to Nuntala >> 5h
May 29
High camp to Khare
May 19
Nuntala to Khari khola >> 5.5h
May 30 to June 5
Arrival in Lukla
May 20
Khari khola to Lukla >> 4h
June 6
Lukla to Kathmandu by air in the morning
May 21
Lukla to Chutanga >> 3.5h
June 7
Stay in Kathmandu
May 22
Chutanga to Chatre >> 5h
June 8
Final Departure


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