Well as I walked down the small dirt path that passes for mainstreet in town on my way, fairly excitedly I may add, to have a hot shower 100 rupees (1.50$) I passed the porters skinning a goat. On the way back from the shower I saw the goat eviscerated, drawn and quartered and every piece, and I mean every single piece (2 porters stretching the entrails from end to end – 4 hands deep in the beast), and I mean every piece being hacked, chopped and taken to the cook.

2 hours later fresh goat soup; goat stew and a whole chunk of goat (looked like the head at first – but it was both hips – hard to believe I got an A in anatomy [no comments Cindy]) arrived at the table with much celebration. It was eaten with gusto from the team – a true Nepalese experience!


Team photo from left to right (members and Sherpa): Pasang Ongchhu (Sherpa), Charles, Helene, Dave, Michel W, Yanick, Michel V, Dale, Heather, Julie, Raphael, Jani, Mingmar Dorji (porter), Gnawang (porter)
front row: Nima Sarki (Sherpa), Takta (Sherpa), Manu, Pasang Kazi (Sherpa)
Missing are: Phu Dorji Sherpa, Sarki (Sirdar)

Dale at monastery overlooking Kharikola


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